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Easy Building Montazna kuca

Energetic efficiency

Priority of Easy Building prefabricated house is energy saving. If the observed period of usage of the family home is 40 years, it can be established that energy savings in our wooden house against the brick house with thermal insulation (for today’s trend commonly done with 10 cm on the façade) is 30% of the investment. The house, we build following your needs, can be a composition of advanced technical solutions: solar and geothermal energy and first-rate construction and insulation materials. Our task is your savings.


Production standards

The material we use, wood KVH category, is imported from Germany. We use only such material because only that allows us to achieve exceptional precision in the production of elements which is a prerequisite for all other qualities.


The advantages

Easy Building adopted a modern way of construction. Prefabricated houses that we produce represents a healthy living environment with numerous advantages compared to brick buildings. The design of prefabricated houses is characterized by a clear relationship to the client as in planning so in implementation


Quality of prefabricated house

House element

Object performance

The lifetime of objects