The advantages

The advantages


The relation between the quality of prefabricated houses and quality of classically constructed houses


Easy Building houses differ substantially from the classic brick facility. Building our houses we have tendency to use greater thermal insulation. It is almost that level of protection that can’t be reached in construction of brick facilities. It is known that the building of houses in the Balkans and in Serbia are done with a strong influence of tradition, and in this regard the normal (most prevalent) way that is deeply rooted in the habits is to build a house of bricks. But modern weather conditions require a new paradigm. A man that lives in this area is also affected with a growing energy crisis. The whole world is trying to find an answer to the question of the cost of energy use. Today, the most luxurious cars are strictly observed by the buyer from the term of how much will it cost him to use it.

Easy Building prefabricated houses are characterized by precision in every step of realization: contracting only when all the factors are known to the smallest detail, making plans, making elements, installation but also precise (known) price of house, a precise deadline – which is increasingly important for the client.

Through years, developing the material, experts in this field enhance the quality of the end product, combining mechanical and construction features with ecology aspect and optimizing them.

If we look at the house fom the perspective of a healthy environment for family life, we should not ignore the fact that during the construction of a conventional (brick) houses we use over 250m3 of water and a certain amount of it remains present in the composition of the walls, floor joists, roof etc. Water makes it difficult to heat and cool the house and also can cause mold – thus polluting the environment with fungi, etc. In houses built with a system of wooden boards, like Easy Building does – in compliance to Eurocode 5, there is no leftovers of water after the construction is finished

House as we make it is dry, and therefore the possibility that a source of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites and fungi appears in the living space is reduced to a minimum.

In the last ten years, no one branch of the construction industry does not record such a sudden and steady growth in the percentage of representation as is the case with the construction of residential buildings in which the basic building material is WOOD.

Wood is a building material of the future, because, among other things, meet the high expectations of builders and users in terms of energy, ecology, economics, aesthetics, healthy housing environment, freedom of shape and form